Frequently Asked Questions - Business Software

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  • We are a medium sized manufacturing organisation with a need to rationalise and possibly replace our existing order entry and financial systems. Can you suggest how best to integrate the SOP system with the Head Office's external General Ledger (which is not to be replaced)?
    We have developed a comprehensive, integrated suite of manufacturing, distribution and financial software which can have online by-directional links to an external General Ledger. We are also able to easily customise the software if required.

  • Is it possible to generate ad-hoc reports when required?
    Yes, our software is based on a relational database, hence any of the popular database querying tools can be used, by authenticated users, to access the data.

  • Do you recommend that management reports be generated directly from the production system, or from a data warehousing system?
    Generating the reports directly from the production system can be simpler, though it's generally more difficult (and more expensive) to write reports for the production environment. More importantly, running reports against the production system can significantly degrade response time for production users.
    Although it takes a little effort to initially set up a data warehousing facility, once in place it's much easier to perform ad-hoc queries and analysis, or to write new production reports against it. The data warehouse is typically refreshed overnight from the production system, so that online users experience no performance degradation while the data warehouse is being updated.

  • For most of our users, a client server solution is fine. However, is it possible for remote brokers and distributors to perform restricted sales and stock management via the web?
    Yes, our web interface allows registered users (agents, distributors or even customers) to perform functions such as placing orders, reviewing & adjusting stock, printing despatch dockets & invoices and printing certain reports via the web.

  • We are a packaging manufacturer who have been looking at a number of large ERM systems. Because of our unique manufacturing procedures, are you able to adapt your manufacturing software to our needs?
    Absolutely - in fact Optimise has specialised in developing solutions for the Packaging industry since its inception in 1986.