Frequently Asked Questions - Web Development

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  • We need to incorporate a complicated computation as part of our solution. Are you able to implement that for us?
    Absolutely! We have been designing and implementing complex I.T. solutions since 1986.

  • We are an experienced team of static web site developers. Are you able to help us to design and implement a sophisticated database application for one of our clients?
    Certainly! One of our strongest areas of expertise is in the design and construction of robust, efficient database applications.

  • Are you able to host our website?
    Yes we can. We can either host your application directly on one of our own servers, or with any appropriate commercial ISP (Internet Service Provider).
    Either way, we can take care of setting everything up for you.

  • Can we see some samples of your websites?
    Yes, you might like to look at the following:
    • Sample surveys: View demos.
    • Cezanne Connect: View demos.
      Note that you will need a login to view the Cezanne Connect demo's.
      Please register with us in order to obtain your Cezanne Connect login details.
    • Additional demo's will be added shortly.

  • Can you help us to implement an Intranet for our division?
    Yes. We can assist you to select and implement an appropriate solution to satisfy your requirements, including advice on how to structure and manage the Intranet content. There are a number of excellent CMF (Content Management Facility) products for you to choose from, such as the Microsoft Sharepoint product, but the free, open-source CMF product named Plone (see is hard to go past.
    Using Plone provides one of the fastest ways that we know of to:
    • have an Intranet up and running with a minimum of fuss
    • produce neat looking web pages without needing to know the HTML language or buy expensive tools
    • enable all of your employees to easily update the content within the areas that they're authorised to change.